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Freedom Complete Foil Package

$1,999.00 $4,397.00

Package Includes Wingnut 90L or 120L Board, Session Wing 3m,4m,5m or 6m Wing and Halcyon Full Carbon 1030 Foil Set (29" 74cm mast)

The Wingnut is designed to help you get up and stay up! The all-new Quad Micro Channel Bottom is uniquely engineered to reduce friction and allow for a quick release on take off. Gradually tapered rails reflect water near the nose and assist in avoidance around the tail of the board. If the wing is your thing, the Wingnut is built for you.


  • Concave Deck
  • Reduced Chine Rails
  • Quad Concave Bottom
  • Slight Step Tail
  • Forward Volume
  • Proprietary FFB 10.75" Mounting Tracks
  • Bottom Handle
  • Pressure Relief Air Vent
  • Leash Plug - Bottom Placement to Prevent Tangles
  • Deck Pad
  • Foot Strap Inserts

The Session Wing allows you to focus on the wave and forget about the wing. Freedom Foil Boards have upgraded the materials and construction on the Session to make it more lightweight, durable and user friendly so you can more easily surf, glide, and pump. The dihedral design allows the Session to fly balanced off the leading-edge handle and stay put right where you want it.

  • Semi Rigid Handles: Comfort and Control
  • Center Strut Panel: Stability and Response
  • Wrist Leash Included
  • Pump Sold Separately
  • Sizes: 3M | 4M | 5M | 6M

The Halcyon 1030 is the perfect user friendly mid / high aspect front wing. Its unique blend of foil section, aspect ratio and outline allows for a well balanced and extremely predictable mid aspect feel, combined with the superior glide found in high aspect wings. This refined combination provides a smooth high end glide, mixed with the benefits of a low end and stable stall speed makes the Halcyon a suitable wing for a wide range of users across a diverse scope of ability levels. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed step up foil for Winging or a way to take your prone foil game to the next level, the Halcyon makes an excellent choice as a well rounded foil wing.

  • Internal Mast & Fuselage Connection - Stiffest Fit Possible
  • Tapered Bayonet Fuselage Locks Front Wing Into Place
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Shortened Base Plate - Multiple Mounting Positions
  • 29" 74cm mast
  • 0°-1° Shims, Tools, & Stainless Steel Hardware Included