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2024 Slingshot Phantasm Quickstart Wake Foil & Board Package


The Phantasm Quick Start Wake Foil Package is great for all riders looking to fly for the first time. It's extremely user-friendly for beginners but high performance enough to be the foil of choice for the captain of the boat as well. If you only want 1 foil on your boat, this is the most shareable and versatile option to put a grin on everyone's faces.

Proven / Affordable / Modular


  • WF-2 V5 4'6"
  • Front Half Strap
  • Phantasm Aluminum 72CM Mast
  • E 866 Front Wing
  • 710 Fuselage
  • 400 Stabilizer
  • all assembly hardware

The ultimate package for learning to fly and teaching others, this combo comes with our full soft top WF-2 V5 foil board which is as forgiving as it gets when learning to fly thanks to it's length, profile, and unique nose rocker. Paired with a 72 cm aluminum mast, the perfect length to master ride height above the surface and learn to pump efficiently without intimidating first-timers. Pair with our Phantasm E866 front wing and PS 400 stabilizer on a 710 mm fuse and you've got one of the most stable and predictable foils we've ever built - start here to master flight, agility and pumping with plenty of room for progression down the road.


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