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2020 Ride Engine Manta Wing 76cm Foil

$379.00 $479.00

2020 Ride Engine Manta Wing 76cm Foil

The Ride Engine Manta Wing featured in our Futura Surf Foil package, the Manta 76 is designed to make surf foiling approachable and fun in the tiny to medium size waves most foilers will stick to. Its shape and surface area provides the stability and lift that make it great for learning, progression and tapping into the smallest waves, while its unique inverted gull wing shape makes it surprisingly fast and agile for a wing of its size.

Key Features:

  • High lift, stable, early takeoff
  • The inverted gull-wing shape gives great lift but also better top-end performance than wings of a similar size
  • New carbon composite construction - lighter, more range and more efficient
  • Safe-T winglets help prevent injury