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2023 CABRINHA - CALL TO ORDER (228) 596-1936

2021 Cabrinha Foil Kit HA1200 or X1600


We have run out of stock for this item.

This Foil Kit includes :
  • Choice of Front Wings HA 1200 or X 1600
  • 343mm Fusion Alloy fuselage for superior maneuverability
  • 70cm Fusion Alloy Mast
  •  220 cm Rear Stabilizer
  •  Alloy Top Plate all hardware and tools     

    X1600 Front wing is great for heavier riders winging and pumping

    HA 1200 Front Wing with high aspect shape allows for effortless pumping, insane      glide while retaining an 'easy-to-steer' feeling.