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2022 Cabrinha 02 Tronic Twintip Kiteboard



Sizes: 137 x 41 / 141 x 42cm


Curved outline and pulled in tips favor choppy water.

Included with the board: 4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10xm6x16mm screws, grab handle

  • Powerful carving ability
  • Buttery soft turns
  • Flexible construction for comfort in all conditions
  • Great upwind performance
  • Maximum edge control for boosting
  • Outline with narrow tips which facilitates a smooth ride and carving
  • Quad concave to V-tips provides easy rail-to-rail transition and grip control


The Tronic screams fun from the moment it hits the water. This easy to ride board has been designed for riders who want twin tip capability for use in the surf where It is completely at home on rail carving turns and throwing buckets of spray.

Tronic is a twin tip with an outline and rocker made for rough water and surf. The Tronic cuts through chop with ease and pushes through G-force inducing turns with power and control.

Are you someone who loves to play in the waves but prefers a set of straps holding you to your board? If so, the Tronic Surf Shape is going to be an awesome board for you. Mutant shapes have been around for years, but the Tronic has consistently stayed on top of that market.

On top of that, this board handles really well in choppy conditions so if you're riding on an inland lake or somewhere without pristine waves (like the majority of us poor Great Lakes riders), this will keep up your boardspeed and reduce your level of frustration when tacking in not-so-optimal waves.




An incredibly fun Twintip shape for slashing it up in the waves.


The Tronic's outline with narrow tips facilitate a very smooth ride and control during the turn.


Excellent upwind tracking helps you spend more time in the waves and less time hacking back upwind.