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AXIS 1120 Light Wind/Heavy Riders Foil Set


The AXIS 1120 Foil package includes the following:

  • Front  BSC 1120 carbon wing, with cover
  • Rear 500 Freeride carbon wing, with cover
  • 19 mm Aluminum 750mm 29.5" mast
  • 19mm Aluminum Base Plate
  • AXIS Foils Aluminum fuselage 680mm (3D CNCed anodized aluminum)
  • 19mm Doodad Mast to Fuselage adapter
  • Stainless steel torx screw set & torx keys (strongest screwhead that won't strip) 

     The Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) wings are a new direction into easy to ride wings, with good amount of performance embedded to the design. Perfect for all round riding including entry level riders. The 1120 package is great for beginners and heavier intermediate and advanced foiler's will really enjoy it as well.  

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