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Ezzy Legacy (2021)


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The Ezzy Legacy is still pure and simple, a windsurfing sail for everyone with a low price. With Spectra X film now being used on the tack panel, and an upgrade in the battens, the Legacy is stronger and more controllable across a wider wind range for windsurfers of all abilities. Quality materials and solid performance is what Ezzy is know for. This is a durable sail that will give you years of fun on the water. Smaller sizes are designed for bump and jump conditions, larger for freeride conditions. The Legacy's come with a downhaul pulley (for easy rigging) and an integrated mast pad.

A high performance wave and freeride collection that delivers awesome performance for the more budget-minded windsurfer. Ezzy sails quality and durability in a no-frill windsurfing sail for a broad range of conditions.

6.5 Luff 452/455 Boom 189/198 Mast 430