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Lift Classic Foil-170 (Used, excellent condition)

$625.00 $745.00

The Big Easy is ideal for learning and riding at lower speeds. The larger surface area - 130 square inches - will slow you down and offer lift at lower speeds and lighter winds. Ideal for riders over 200 lbs.

We are very proud to introduce our new one-piece wing designs that offer superior strength and performance. The wing serves as a critical component in the stability of the foil at any speed. For this reason we’ve tested and fine-tuned every detail -size, shape & angles- to specifically engineer wings that maximize control and stability without unnecessary drag.

Our wings are built from carbon and Kevlar (known for its use in bulletproof vests) for maximum strength and toughness. With four options to choose from, you will not find tougher, stronger and more refined wing designs on the market.

Package Includes
  • Wing
  • Protective Cover