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Naish S26 Hover Wing GS Foil Board


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Our last generation Hover Wing Foil Boards instantly set the standard in design, construction, and weight for the category. This new range of boards is perfectly suited for wing surfing, or to be used as a SUP foil board or SUP downwind foil board. Changes to this updated model include a more overall rail curve in the outline, slightly narrower tail, increased nose rocker, and more pronounced bottom shaping and concave. Multiple foot strap insert positions, including wider stance options, give riders the opportunity to choose between a windsurfing style, double front strap setup, or a single surf style setup. The rocker is perfectly balanced so the board flies smoothly parallel to the water surface. Track boxes have been moved further back to better match with the multitude of different foils that riders may pair with the boards. The increased tail kick behind foil boxes combined with the beveled rail guarantees easy take odds and sufficient clearance in turns.

Utilizing an S-Glass/wood sandwich construction with carbon and kevlar reinforcements, the GS is available in 110L and 125L. The hover wing/foil GS offers the same shape and overall performance as its carbon ultra siblings in a more durable and affordable construction.

  • PERFORMANCE FEATURES:Ledge Handle & Additional Bottom Handle - Easy to carry
  • Micro Dot Embossed EVA Pad - Lightweight + ultimate grip + better durability over time
  • High Density PVC Foil Track System - Optimized foil positioning for more or less lift
  • Beveled Rail Design - Clean release and improved carving performance
  • Concave Deck Design - Naturally centered surf stance + increased stability
  • Tail Kick Lift-off Design - Easy lift-off
  • Bottom Double Concave to V Nose - Smooth entry at touch downs
  • Footstrap Insert Options (No Straps Included) - Increased control (Straps not included)
  • Automatic Pressure Valve - Automatic pressure equalization of the core

  • Construction Features:Micro Dot Embossed EVA Pad
  • Full Glass Wood Sandwich Deck and Bottom
  • Biax Glass Deck and Bottom
  • Biax Glass Layer
  • Additional Wood Sandwich Layer in Stance Area
  • Full Wood Sandwich Deck and Bottom
  • 15kg CNC Cut EPS Core


GS 110 5'10" 177.8cm 29" 73.7cm 4 3/10 10.9 cm 110Ltrs