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Neil Pryde Combat Back Zip 54


OP OF THE LINE - PREMIUM WARMTH - ULTIMATE WINDCHILL PROTECTION The Combat is our top of the line wetsuit offering premium warmth and ultimate Windchill protection. Made of our proprietary water repellent Armor Skin Neoprene, it protects you in extreme cold and windy conditions.


Ultralight outer jersey that dries in a fraction compared to standard outer jersey. Dri-Flex jersey combined with Yamamoto neoprene is the fastest drying, stretchiest, and lightest neoprene in our range.


Armor-Skin 2nd generation, is our exclusive neoprene that combines the warmth and wind protection of a mesh-wetsuit with the durability of a double-lined suit.

Armor-Skin was inspired by triathlon wetsuits which have to stay flexible while repelling water to minimize drag.


Premium outer seam sealant tape that stops water from penetrating through the seams while keeping its flexibility. P-Skin is applied by machine therefore it allows for a neater and more uniform finishing compared to traditional liquid seal.


Our exclusive ultra-warm, fast dry and stretchy insulation. Its brushed surface provides next to skin softness and the unique pattern channels the water for faster drying properties and added flexibility. Includes Silvadur Antimicrobial technology.


Exclusive to Neil Pryde, the EFX system allows the forearm section of the wetsuit to expand as blood flow increases to the forearms. Wetsuits with tight forearms restricts blood flow which causes cramping in the hands and forearms as lactic acid builds up. Increase your time in the water and endurance with the EFX system for the ultimate experience on the water.


Compression technology specifically made for watersports. It provides support and increases blood flow in the calves, ensuring the muscle areas are firmly braced and enables active recovery for improved endurance. This feature offers 2x more support than average neoprene material allowing you to ride longer.