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Ride Engine Prime With Fixed Bar

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2019 Ride Engine Prime Pacific Mist Kiteboarding Waist Harness

The Prime Sunset is a harness you'll forget you're wearing. It locks into you lumber, stays low where it's supposed to and spreads load evenly across your back for a fit and feel that will change your entire experience on the water.


  • Shell Skin - Improved materials and finish work provides UV resistance, impact strength, abrasion resistance to increase durability and longevity of your harness.
  • Armor Shell - The Ride Engine innovation that changed the game. The hard shell distributes load evenly across your back and sides and eliminates squeezing.
  • Lumbar Lock - Shell is ergonomically contoured to lock into place along your lower back. Prevents shifting, twisting, riding up and back pain related to soft, flimsy harnesses.  
  • Speed Lock Closure - Dual-Zones webbing on each side allows for a custom fit, stainless steel clasp slides over spreader bar for a simple, secure closure.
  • Anti-Slip Webbing - New for 2019, softer, more pliable webbing is easier to tighten and adjust and help prevent loosening during sessions. 
  • Removable Handle Pass Leash - Wraps around the back, attached by simple larks head knot. Secondary leash attachments located on front-side of harness,
  • Interchangeable Spreader Bars - Choose between Kite and windsurf fixed hooks or our signature sliding rope spreader bar. Switching bars takes about 30 seconds.
  • Fusion Foam - Our most comfortable harness yet. A soft foam core conforms to the shape of your body and cushions pressure and load from you kite or sail.