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Windsurfer 5.7 Sail (used like new)

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The official windsurfer class sail, approved for racing, is a 5.7 sqm.

The sail is produced to the highest quality from mylar materials by two approved manufacturers:
- Sails East (HK) Ltd
- Cobra international Co Ltd.
Sails made by the two suppliers are exactly the same in terms of material and performances, being produced based on the same CAD design.

Each sail is identifiable by a registered class patch with unique serial number and indication of the manufacturer.

Inspiring a return to the root of the sport – this modern version Windsurfer rig features a 5.7 mylar/dacron soft centered sail. The sail has 2 leach battens and one head batten, a vinyl window and is offered in a variety of colors. The soft sail cloth and classic shape allows the sail to billow out when properly trimmed, is light and generates ample power to propel your Windsurfer LT board in light to moderately strong wind conditions. This rig is the official one-design rig for the new international Windsurfer Race Class.