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2022 Cabrinha 02 Spectrum Twintip Kiteboard

$383.00 $459.00


Sizes: 133 x 40 / 136 x 41 / 140 x 42 / 144 x 43 / 148 x 44 / 152 x 44cm


A fast and forgiving outline with a medium amount of rocker.

Included with the board: 4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10 x m6 x 16mm screws, grab handle.

  • Rocker and flex is designed for the widest range of conditions and riding styles
  • Excellent upwind tracking
  • Soft landings
  • Excels in choppy water
  • Smooth and predictable board control
  • Single concave bottom
  • Large fins for grip

    At the heart of the twintip line, the Spectrum has become an iconic board with a huge following. What's so special about the Spectrum is how easy it is to ride and the vast range of use and ability levels it caters to.

    The Spectrum has incredible upwind tracking while the softer flex pattern turns choppy water into a smooth forgiving ride. Whatever the conditions present, the Spectrum's versatility gives you the confidence to go out and perform.



    An incredibly forgiving ride makes the Spectrum the easiest board in the range to ride.


    The predictable ride characteristics allow you to forget about the conditions and what’s going on under foot so you can concentrate on the rest.


    Excellent upwind tracking helps you maximise your riding and help you progress every time you hit the water.



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