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About Us

Tommy and his wife, Dana, started windsurfing in 1985. By 1989 the local shop had closed, so Tommy decided to start Gulfport Windsurfing. The business and customer base has steadily grown over the years. When the internet came along, Gulfport windsurfing.com was launched and customers from all over the US have been served.

In 1999, kiteboarding was evolving and Tommy was one of the first kiteboarders on the MS coast. Kiteboarding quickly became the largest part of the business. In Oct 2008 Tommy decided to expand and rename the business Gulfport Boardsports, LLC. (GBS89) We are also now carrying stand up paddleboards, skimboards and skateboards, for those no wind days. Foiling is all the rage now so we are on top of that game too! We will continue to strive to give you the best service and price you can find. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.