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2023 Cabrinha 03 Nitro Apex Kiteboarding Kite



In 2004 Cabrinha took big air kiting to a new level with the Nitro. A kite that was ahead of its time, it powered riders to the top of the podiums around the world. 19 years later we have broken the boundaries in the big air realm and are bringing it back to our roots.

The Nitro is back. A Pat Goodman design from Cab Design Works, which is the pinnacle of Big Air kiting.

Development was a no holds barred approach to see just what could be created to reach the extremities of height and stability. An Apex series product, the Nitro utilizes the most cutting edge materials, purposely developed for use in inflatable structures to be flown in the extreme demands of big air kiting. With phenomenal warp and weft elongation strength, especially under load, Ultra HT material keeps the kite in a stable arc, but the reactive bias movement allows the kite to turn even when under increased pressure allowing the kite to really fly and recover from loops.

The sport of Big Air kiting is more extreme now than ever before. Tricks, which were individual in the past are now combined into one jump, and the demands on the product have never been higher. To ride to the extremes, you need a kite that will get you there, and the Nitro is that kite.

"The all new Nitro gives me a lot of confidence during my kite sessions, the kite makes a session so much more fun and gives me a bunch of motivation to practice new big air tricks. The kite is super reliable and you can fly incredibly high, this allows me to do multiple rotations during a loop without any problems and also take my board off when I am upside down. I am landing new tricks every session. I am certain I will break new height records in strong winds this year. Last week I landed my first double loop and S loop on the first attempts without any fear/concern. This is a game changing feeling in a kite." – Stino Mul


Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12

Design Profile

5 Strut, High Aspect


  • NEW: Lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance
  • NEW: Sprint 3.0
  • NEW: Ultralite bladders for an overall lighter weight kite
  • NEW: Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy: durability, stability and responsiveness
  • NEW: Ultra HT - strong, stable, and responsive material, exclusive to the NITRO kite
  • NEW: Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers
  • NEW: Bi-direction Pure Profile Panels: the smoothest & 3d correct canopy shape



Our highest performance design utilizing the brand-new Ultra HT material.  We’ve reduced the overall weight while providing an incredible increase in low elongation and response. A unique proprietary coating process increases durability and performance unlike anything you have felt before.



An Apex series product from the CAB Design Works Team.  Developed exclusively for kite leading edges, this strong, stable, and responsive material is exclusive to the NITRO kite. Ultra HT reduces the weight of the leading edge and struts while boasting incredibly low elongation and response.  A unique and proprietary coating process increases durability and performance unlike anything you have felt before.  



The next evolutionary jump in inflatable structures is HTD Lite.  We took the superior benefits of the proven HTD material to which have superior elongation control and combined it with a superior reflex bias recovery and lighter weight construction to elevate the response characteristics and range of the kite.



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