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2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 4.4m Wing - Includes Pump

$249.00 $638.00


Size: 4.4m

2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 WingPackage Includes

  • Wing, Backpack
  • Pump
  • Wrist leash
  • Patch kit

The Blaster V1 at 4.4 square meters in size is perfect for all rider weights and covers the largest range of wind conditions. Riders of all sizes will enjoy the Blaster's compact design that makes turns and transitions effortless. Use the included pump for quick inflation and off you go, using the 3 perfectly placed handles to power the wing. The clear vinyl windows allow you to see through the wing providing a clear field of view downwind. Jump into the exciting new sport of winging with the Slingshot Blaster.


We wanted an affordable wing that would propel the masses into the exciting new sport of wingsurfing. The 4.4m2 size with its compact wingspan is the perfect entry-level wing for use on water, land, or snow.


  • Perfect for learning the basics of wing-powered riding on all terrain types.
  • Quickly inflate the wing with the included pump and off you go.
  • Blaster Wing, pump, and wrist leash all fit in one compact carry bag

2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 WingTECH FEATURES

1. Blaster 4.4m2 Wing
The new Blaster wing from Slingshot brings handheld wing power to the masses with its simple, user-friendly design at an unbeatable price.

2. Carry Bag
Wing and Pump fit in the convenient carry bag.

3. Wrist Leash
Keep your wing tethered to your wrist with the included leash.

4. Pump
Quickly inflate your Blaster wing to the correct PSI with this pressure gauge equipped pump

5. Transfer Handle
Its Cross-Strut configuration makes use of the simple ergonomic orientation for smooth transfers between luffing and powered riding



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