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PKS Adjustable-Universal Wingboarding Harness Line


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PKS Adjustable/Universal Wingboarding Harness line.

The PKS Adjustable Wingboarding Harness line is adjustable for length and will attach to wings with handles as well as wings with a boom.

Comes with:

1 - Adjustable Harness Line

2 - Attchment Pigtails or Attachment Webbing Loops for the Boom Style option

Tested on / Connection Type:

  • North Nova
  • Vayu
  • Ozone WASP V2
  • F1 -
  • Naish
  • Flysurfer
  • Slingwing Classic
  • Slingwing V2
  • Duotone Echo
  • Duotone Slick
  • Airush Freewing
  • Cloud / BRM Wing