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2023 Cabrinha 03 Ace Hybrid Twintip Kiteboard



Sizes: 135 x 40 / 138 x 41.5 / 141 x 43 / 145 x 44.5

Design Profile:

High performance board with structural carbon and lightweight composite
core that stiffens theflex pattern for increased response and explosive pop.


  • NEW: Double centre concave
  • NEW: 4 degree angledfin for improved grip
  • NEW: refined volumeflow for improved dynamics
  • NEW: Centered deck grab rails for progressive board-offmaneuvers
  • Quad channels in the tips for grip when loading offback foot
  • Medium rocker line for early planing lift and reliable edge hold
  • Moderate/lowflex pattern for a rapid response & intuitive pop
  • High-end hybrid core construction for lively performance in all conditions
  • Exclusive and strategic use of Japanese Toray UD carbon for precision feedback
  • Innovative, lightweight & responsive future hybrid/carbon and PVC core construction