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2024 Ezzy Flight Wing



Package includes leash, bag and shipping direct from factory.

Ezzy Sails has been a leading force in windsurfing sail development and manufacturing for over 40 years.

Now we take our experience, as well as our extreme product quality and put it into wings. The Ezzy Flight wing grew out of extensive R&D done in the Canary Islands by José Fernandez (Flight Sails) and on Maui by David Ezzy (Ezzy Sails). Having such perfect testing venues has enabled José and David to develop a wing that not only performs beautifully, but is also strong and durable.

That means your wing will last longer and retain its original designed profile.

Production is done in our very own factory, located in Sri Lanka.This is the same factory we produce our windsurfing sails and that David Ezzy started over 30 years ago. Owning our own factory is a critical reason why we are able to achieve the degree of quality we need for wings.

Quiet and Tensioned Profile

Our work has focused on developing a wing with the correct aerodynamic profile, combined with high skin tension and quiet performance. These three factors are hugely important to the power, stability, handling, and durability of a wing.

It's relatively easy to make a wing with a decent profile, but if there is not enough internal tension, the profile quickly changes under even the slightest wind pressure. Low skin tension translates into wing instability. 

It is also easy to make a wing with high skin tension, but if not done right, it can over-flatten the profile making the wing unstable and lacking power. 

Then, throw into the mix, the problem of trailing edge flutter. In addition to be being distracting, flutter can kill your wing in a matter of minutes because of the detrimental effect it has on the weave and resin bond of the cloth. If the canopy flutters, the fabric stretches and the wing changes shape, impacting power, stability and handling. 

We have achieved both high skin tension, as well as a stable profile to give you a wing that has power, stability and handling. In addition, our trailing edges don't flutter, even if you get caught out way over-powered.



Lightweight, ergonomic handles match your wrist angle so you are able to relax your arms.

Leading Edge & Strut

Our low stretch dacron is the best in its class in terms of stretch, firmness and durability.


Our 50 g/m² woven polyester ripstop canopy is strong, lightweight and low stretch.


Surgical grade, 100 micron bladder material is the best in the industry.


Separate leading edge and strut valves allows for different air pressures between the strut and leading edge. This produces a stiffer feeling wing and it also gives you the added security that you will always be able to make it back to the beach in case of a mishap.


Durability and workmanship are hard wired into our DNA and apply to every aspect of our wings.

Comfortable Handles

Lightweight and ergonomic.

Materials From the World's Top Sailcloth Producers

We only use materials that have a proven track record.

Attention to Details

All panels and reinforcements are glued and sewn for maximum bond strength.

The Ezzy ToughTech® Process

Ezzy ToughTech® represents the processes we have perfected over the past 35 years to develop high performing, strong and lightweight sails and wings.


We are lucky to have two renowned designers, José Fernandez and David Ezzy both working on wings. José, as lead designer, applies his 25 years of yacht and windsurf sail knowledge to the wings. José understands the similarities wings have to sails, such as profile and twist and applies this into the wings. David integrates José's designs so they scale smoothly between sizes. Both José and David are excited to be working together on wings.


We make a lot of prototypes. This is the only way to truly learn if the design and materials are correct. Every proto is a controlled experiment, where we change only one thing and keep everything else unchanged. This teaches us what effect, positive or negative, that change has on the performance and durability of the wing. It's expensive and time consuming, but it is the only way to make perfect wings. That's why it took us over two years to release our wing.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing is an art in itself. Proper testing must encompass all wind conditions and water conditions, as well as ability levels. A great wing has to feel as good to a top pro, as it does to an intermediate winger. We rely on feedback from wingers all over the world. We have test locations located on Maui, the Canary Islands and in the Columbia River Gorge. Between the three locations we get a wide range of feedback from all ability levels.

Package includes shipping, leash and bag

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