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2024 Slingshot Slingwing NXT V1



  • For new and advanced riders
  • Freeride and wave
  • Aluula frame
  • High-tension canopy
  • Windows
  • Ergonomic, removeable handles
  • Efficient with forward traction
  • Excellent top end

Sizes: 2m / 2.5m / 3.0m / 3.5m / 4m / 4.5m / 5.0m / 5.5m / 6m / 6.5m

Package Includes:

  • SlingWing NXT Wing
  • SlingGrip ClickConnect Handles
  • Carry Backpack
  • Patch Kit

2024 Slingshot Slingwing NXT V1Who It's For:

The SlingWing NXT is the ultimate choice for riders looking for state-of-the-art materials and designs to help them take their skills to the next level. Riders seeking increased control and effortless tacking will appreciate the ultra stiff leading edge and lightweight material composition.

2024 Slingshot Slingwing NXT V1Details

The engine that drives the new SlingWing NXT is Slingshot's new lightweight Aluula Air Frame. It can be adjusted in stiffness through leading edge air pressure: 8 PSI produces a soft suspension-like ride, which takes the edge off in strong or gusty winds. Pump it to 11 PSI, and the wing feels like a sports car with performance shocks and tires to produce a sharp and precise feel. Strut pressure is always 10 PSI, and it supports Slingshot's best new high-tension, high-performance canopy design to date.

Advancements in new materials, leading-edge design, and a high-tension canopy profile make the SlingWing NXT more balanced and easier to fly with super soft hand pressure. This wing excels across all performance metrics no matter how or where you choose to use it.

Exclusive to Slingshot, it features the new SlingGrip EVA with a Click Connect handle system. The elevated pistol grip front handle delivers greater control when luffing or switching hands. These handles come on and off with a click, which makes packing for travel more compact. Soft or carbon handles can be purchased separately.


Size (m2) Weight (kg) Wingspan (m) Aspect Ratio Front Handle Rear Handle
2m 1.59 2.4 2.67 400 400
2.5m 1.72 2.6 2.67 400 400
3m 1.81 2.9 2.67 400 400
3.5m 1.95 3.1 2.67 400 400
4m 2.09 3.3 2.64 400 400
4.5m 2.18 3.5 2.6 400 400
5m 2.31 3.6 2.45 400 400
5.5m 2.49 3.6 2.3 400 400
6m 2.63 3.6 2.15 400 400
6.5m 2.77 3.6 2.01 400 400


A strategically calculated Reduced Diameter LE from the center of the LE wing to the wing tips, the Aluula Airframe delivers our new revolutionary high-tension, high performance canopy wing design. Offering superior balance and handing with best-in-class flex characteristics. Stiff in the front and transitioning to softer at the wing tips, the Aluula Airframe keeps the first third of the canopy structure smooth and rigid for on-demand power. It allows the wing tips to twist off in gusty conditions or flag out and surf with total control.

Utilized throughout the SlingWing NXT's airframe, the Aluula material is a high-tenacity, high molecular laminate that features biaxial gridding and extensive emulsion coating, eliminating stretch in all directions. Aluula is the secret behind a lighter wing with all the attributes of the SlingWing NXT, a more balanced feel, better power control, stability, and effortless flagging out for surfing.

We moved panels to match the loading of the canopy while in flight. This was possible because of the stiffness the LE produces to help create the high-tension, high performance canopy. These reinforced seams and a strategic alignment in the canopy prevent stretch.

With its hybrid canted strut design. VersaStrut works in conjunction with Radial Panel Canopy Construction to control our high-tension canopy profile. It allows less in-fill wall connection in the mid-section and a direct strut-to-canopy connection toward the trailing edge. The canted forward section of the strut moves the wing further from the rider, which creates significant dampening and takes any slack out of rider input. Connecting the strut directly to the rear of the canopy yields a more direct and rapid response when pumping and distributes load more uniformly into the canopy.

The reduced diameter, ergonomically optimized pentagonal circumference of the SlingGrip handles provides all-day comfort and better roll control by matching the exact shape of your grip, plus we added a little extra side wall for fingers to torque against when needed with its 27-millimeter diameter and dual-patterned EVA. A pistol grip front handle allows riders to confidently luff the wing and ride swell without needing to move their hand to the leading-edge webbing handle while still retaining the ability to regulate power and keep the trailing edge up.

The easiest and quickest handle connection available on any wing, the ClickConnect requires no tools to mount your handles. Simply slide the handle into the connection point on the strut until it clicks. Nothing to hurt you or your board. Superiorly engineered, the ClickConnect mounts are sewn around the strut to distribute load and avoid pinch points.



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