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Ezzy 60% carbon RDM mast



  • The Ezzy Legacy XT skinny masts contain 60% pre-preg carbon fiber.
  • The fibers are pre-saturated to an exact resin-to-fiber ratio, then hand-wrapped
  • around a mandrel, and then thermally cured.
  • The Ezzy Skinny Mast gets its superior strength from the 50% extra thickness of
  • its walls.
  • The small diameter makes the Ezzy Skinny a dream to sail. You'll notice the improved
  • handling right away in your jibes.
  • Ezzy tops and bottoms are interchangeable and sold individually. You can buy the
  • perfect combination for your sail quiver. That means fewer masts. The general
  • rule when mixing tops and bottoms is: choose a shorter bottom with a longer top.
  • Talk to your local dealer about a skinny dedicated mast extension, or conversion
  • parts to convert your existing mast extension to work with skinny masts.
  • The Ezzy Sails are widely tested on standard and reduced diameter masts, and work
  • perfectly well, but if you are looking for the perfect blend of performance and
  • durability for Wave, Bump and Jump or even Slalom conditions, the RDM mast system
  • is is the way to go. The Ezzy Skinny masts work FANTASTIC on the entire Ezzy Sail Lineup and most other sails as well!