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Foilite Titanium Torx Wing Multi Tool T30/T40


Foilite Titanium Torx Wing Multi Tool - T30/T40

The first multi-tool conceived and designed to be caried with you in the water. The 100% Titanium Foilite Torx Wing Multi Tool with T30 and T40 bits. The 100% GR5 Titanium is corrosion free, light, and easy to use. Never miss a session with a loose hydrofoil screw for lack of a tool. This Titanium Multi-tool is light and small enough to keep in your Boardshorts pocket or even your wetsuit key pocket. And because we know how important an after session beer can be, it even has an integrated bottle opener!

  • Corrosion Free 100% GR5 Titanium
  • Torx T30/T40 for Hydrofoil Hardware Adjustment
  • Integrated Bottle opener for after session drinks
  • Precision CNC Machined to exacting tolerances for a precise finish
  • Light, very light weighs only 9.8 grams 
  • Carry with you size and Weight
  • Dyneema Lanyard

Why Titanium:

Titanium is highly valued for its high tensile strength, as well as its light weight, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It's as strong as steel but 50% lighter giving it a greater Strength to Weight Ratio.
Titanium is the best material to resist the corrosion performance of seawater at room temperature, and it has excellent corrosion resistance even in polluted seawater and hot seawater. The unparalleled performance of titanium in marine settings has led engineers to refer to it as "ocean metal". While other metals such as steel, copper, and brass are prone to pitting, crevice corrosion, and microbiologically influenced corrosion, titanium is unique in its resistance to the corroding effects of saltwater and the marine atmospheric environment.



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