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PKS Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail V3 Set


The new PKS Universal Pigtail V3 is the newest pigtail from PKS Distribution for a universal connection between kite and bar. Universal pigtails are uniquely designed to allow for either a loop to loop or loop to knot configuration with a single pigtail. Simply larks head the loop end of the pigtail onto the end of your fly lines or directly to the bridles on the kite and you're all set to connect to the loop or knot on the other side, making a nearly kook-proof connection point.

The pigtails are 6 inches in length, made from Spectra leader line, and come as a set of 4: 1x red, 2x grey, and 1x blue.

V3 Changes:

Double Overhand Knot compared to figure 8 on v2

Full length uniform splice

100% Made In USA

Don't forget to always check kite's pigtails for wear and tear.