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Phantasm 360mm V-Tail Stabilizer extends the glide range with heightened speed and enhanced maneuverability. Engineered with a V-Tail shape, this stabilizer prioritizes optimal YAW control, enabling you to execute tighter radius turns effortlessly. Its design ensures pitch stability, instilling confidence even when pushing a speed limit on a swell or under power. This stabilizer unlocks your existing front wings' glide and turning capabilities, granting you more freedom and control over your ride.
Who It's For:

You are fast-tracking past the fundamental moves that got you addicted to foiling in the first place. Identifiable by how you ride. You are at an exciting stage where optimizing for glide is essential to continue your progression. Phantasm 360mm Stabilizer is the right equipment selection at this stage in the journey. Following our Stabilizer Step Method will harmonize your equi...

Package Includes:
Phantasm Stabilizer 360mm V1 (202 cm2)

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