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Slingshot Blow Hard Kite/Wing Pump

$71.00 $80.00

Fast / Easy / Inflate

Making wind sports easier has always been one of the main goals at Slingshot. Especially when it comes to streamlining gear setup. With that in mind, we're happy to introduce the Blow Hard pump. Thanks to its large 3.2-liter capacity and effortless downstroke, getting pumped and on the water has never been easier.

Package Includes:

Blowhard Pump, LDPE Hose, Complete Nozzle Kit


From Slingshot

No one likes gear setup—pumping least of all. That's why at Slingshot we're always looking for ways to make getting on the water easier. Introducing the all new Blow Hard Pump. Thanks to its efficient and powerful 3.2-liter capacity stroke, you can look forward to quickly getting your wing or kite inflated with minimal effort. Expend your energy on the water and not on setup with the Blowhard Pump.