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2024 Slingshot E 1090/710 Lower Package V1

$1,199.00 $1,333.00

The E 1090/710 Lower Package was designed to make foiling as easy as possible for every rider of every ability. Built to cruise, our medium-aspect, carbon-fiber E Series front wings will get you up on foil early with confidence inspiring stability. From wake to wing to surf, our E Series wings make foiling easy across multiple sport categories.

Package Includes:

Phantasm E 1090 Front Wing, 400 Rear Stabilizer, 710 Fuse, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx), Neoprene Wing Covers, Carrying Case

The E 1090/710 Lower Package includes a carbon-fiber E 1090 front wing, 710 mm fuse, and carbon-fiber 400 mm rear stabilizer, creating an exceptional package for anyone looking to progress in surf, SUP, wing, and wake. The middle of our three sizes of medium-aspect, carbon-fiber E Series front wings, the E 1090 has a wide chord center profile that tapers to narrower wingtips, getting you up onto foil early while retaining great pumpability and glide.



SURFACE AREA (cm2) = 2200
SPAN (mm) = 1090
CHORD (mm) = 288


We wanted a complete lower package that included a medium-aspect, carbon-fiber front wing that would make foiling easy across multiple sports categories.



  • Super early lift.
  • Rail-to-rail stability.
  • Good glide and pumping characteristics.
  • Downturned wingtips for safety.
  • E 1090 FRONT WING


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