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Slingshot SlingWing Universal Harness Line 75cm (29.5")


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Using Slingshot’s harness line will extend your sessions, allow for more aggressive upwind tack angles and higher speed reaches. Hook in and feel the bliss of effortlessly pinching upwind on long reaches giving yourself ample downwind room to play. The line attaches and detaches in seconds to the harness line attachment points on Slingshot wings using the pigtail connectors included with the line and can also be connected directly to handles. The PU tubing covering the stiff Nylon rope makes for a durable harness line that swings easily onto your harness hood and falls away quickly and stays out of the way after unhooking. Give your arms a break with the Slingshot Universal Wing Harness line.

Package Includes

  • Harness line 75cm
  • Pigtail Connectors