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Recommended Water Temps: 60F+

Sizing Tip: Order your regular shoe size or 1/2 size down. For example, if you are a size 10.5, order a 10. If you are a size 10, also order a size 10. NOTE: If your feet are exceptionally narrow or low volume, you may want to size down even more. 

Ultimate Warm-Water Protection

Solite 2.0

The 2022 2mm Custom Omni 2.0 has been completely redesigned for even more durability and protection while still delivering Solite's unmatched barefoot performance. The Omni excels in aquatic activities where foot protection takes precedence over board feel. Check out all of these improvements:

3D Molded 3mm Gum Rubber Sole

Like all of our new 2.0 Series boots, the 2mm Omni features a one-piece, 3D molded natural rubber sole. The Omni outsole is 3mm thick (versus 1mm on the Reef Boot). The extra sole thickness emphasizes comfort and protection for walking to/from/in the water. Our sticky/flexible gum-rubber compound offers maximum traction on wet, uneven surfaces and natural flexibility for barefoot-feeling while walking. The sole wraps up the toes and heel for increased durability and protection against rocks, urchins, and reef. 

Custom-Fit 2.0 Thermofoam Sole 

Our patented heat-moldable 2.0 Thermofoam Sole has also been completely redesigned including a more comfortable Mini-Split internal split toe. The Mini-Split is 1cm shorter than our prior internal split, improving fit and comfort for a wider variety of toe shapes while still maintaining precise control. The Thermofoam Sole is 4mm thick in the toes/heels for extra protection and 3mm elsewhere to avoid over-heating in tropical waters.

Breathable Ventiprene Upper with EZ-O Cuff


To prevent excess waterflow into the boot, the 2mm neoprene upper is made from Ventiprene, with microscopic holes allowing the feet to breathe and stay cool without letting in water. This keeps your feet lighter for optimal quickness and dexterity. The Ventiprene foam is lined with our most abrasion-resistant Tuff-Skin exterior lining and a quick-dry interior. We've had so much success with our EZ-O cuff design on our other boots, we adopted the design to our low-cuff styles. The EZ-O cuff provides a flush-resistant, low-bulk, seamless seal around the ankle without the need for cords or toggles.

Reinforced Stealth-Loop

To ease on/off, we've integrated our low-profile Stealth Loop in the heel. The Stealth Loop is laminated between the neoprene and our co-molded rubber/textile heel reinforcement patch, providing incredible durability and pull-strength. The Stealth Loop is also Tatex-coated for extra strength and zero-water absorption. 



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