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Another watersports innovation from Solite! The Convertible Hat may look like a typical surf/watersports hat, but the visor can be strategically flipped from front to back, depending on the situation. If you are duck-diving waves or requiring full peripheral vision, flip the visor to the back so you have zero resistance underwater and full view of the wave in front of you. When you are waiting in the lineup facing the sun, or doing any other watersport (SUP, Kite, Foil, Boating, etc.), keep the visor in the front to shade your face from the sun. If the sun is behind you, flip the visor to the back to protect your neck from sunburn. 

The Convertible Watersports Hat has been tested in the most extreme conditions to insure it stays in place, provides sun protection, and lasts a long time in harsh aquatic environments. 

Key Features of the Convertible Watersports Hat:

  • One size fits most! Adjustable chin strap and rear webbing strap allows snug fit and ample coverage on nearly every head size.
  • Mesh ear-flaps protect the ears from UV rays while allowing quick drainage and unobstructed hearing.
  • Nylon/Polyester/Neoprene construction for comfort, quick-drying, and durability in the ocean.
  • Convertible Visor: quickly flips from front to back and vice-versa and stays securely in place.
  • Silicone print inside the head-liner to insure the hat stays in place in rough conditions.

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